Fighting For The Insurance Benefits You Deserve

Settling Life/Accidental Death Insurance Claims

Are you facing the possible denial of life insurance coverage? Did your insurer rescind your policy, or maintain that your coverage lapsed before an accident that claimed the life of a loved one?

Life insurance and accidental death policyholders and their beneficiaries have certain legal rights to challenge such actions. If the insurance was employer-provided, this includes rights under an important federal law known as ERISA.

Knowing How To Challenge Denials Of Life Insurance Benefits

At the Law Office of Robert F. Keehn, our founding attorney brings more than 30 years of insurance law experience to your battle with a life or accident insurer. As a former insurance defense counsel, he has been on the inside. He knows the strategies, the loopholes, the tactics — and how to anticipate and counter them, to your advantage.

Equally important, Robert F. Keehn has carved out a niche handling ERISA cases. If your case involves a dispute about the insurance provided under an employee benefit plan, he has the experience to provide effective assistance in challenging claim denials. He will devote special attention to your case to help you receive your benefits.

Understanding Your Situation

California families obtain life insurance coverage to protect their loved ones. Unfortunately, after a policyholder’s death, the beneficiaries sometimes are confronted with an insurer’s delay, denial or dispute of benefits that are rightfully theirs.

Sadly, insurance companies make money by denying claims. They may look for reasons for denying or delaying policy payments. They may even accuse a deceased policyholder of misrepresentation or fraud. They may examine an application to rescind or cancel the policy retroactively. Insurers could include in the fine print of these contracts specific exclusionary language.

An Attorney Who Will Fight A Life Insurance Denial

Insurance agents and brokers sometimes misrepresent application facts. If you suspect that this kind of negligence or outright deception is at the heart of your insurance dispute, we can assist you.

Robert works hard to help you obtain your benefits, and if possible, financial and emotional distress damages, attorney fees, and, where the conduct of an insurer is reprehensible, punitive damages.

If your insurance company is refusing to “do the right thing,” let attorney Robert F. Keen help you.

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