Resolving Employee Benefit Disputes and Insurance Coverage

Many disputes that arise in the workplace are insurance disputes. The underlying issue is typically money — no surprise there. But the actions you take in response need to take account of exactly what context the dispute arose in.

In other words, you may think that your dispute is with your employer over wrongful treatment in the workplace. But the dispute may actually be with your employer’s insurance company over a wrongful denial of insurance benefits — a denial that you can challenge using a federal law called ERISA.

In a setting like this, it is important to get advice from an attorney who is experienced in both insurance and employment law. At the Law Office of Robert F. Keehn, in Los Angeles, we provide such representation to clients across California.

Employment Disputes and Disability Insurance

Suppose you become disabled. There are a couple of different scenarios under which you could find yourself in conflict with your employer or your employer’s insurer.

One issue that could arise is the failure by your employer to provide reasonable accommodation for your disability in the workplace. That would be an employment law dispute.

But what if you tried to collect on your employer-provided disability insurance, but your claim was denied? In that case, you are in an insurance dispute. And because your disability insurance was provided by your employer, the legal protections granted by ERISA can be used to challenge a claim denial under federal law.

Los Angeles ERISA Lawyer

Robert F. Keehn listens carefully to your story. He learns from your account of what happened and puts that knowledge into action, swiftly and decisively. He researches your claim against your employer or your employer’s insurer and uses his more than 25 years of legal experience to hold abusive parties responsible — in a court of law if necessary.

Even if your disability claim is initially denied, ERISA provides a process for appeal. ERISA also allows for you to take your case to a federal judge, if that becomes necessary.

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