Resolving Private Disability Insurance Claims

When your family depends on your income, a serious accident, a catastrophic injury or illness could leave you unable to work and provide for them.

This is why independent professionals often purchase private disability insurance for protection from these risks. The substantial premiums you pay are supposed to bring you peace of mind.

When an unfortunate accident or disabling injury occurs, many private disability insurance policyholders are shocked to find that their insurance claim has been denied. They discover that insurance companies have no problem taking your money — and no problem contesting your rights to benefits. All kinds of financial hardship can ensue, along with feelings of vulnerability, fear and anger.

Los Angeles Insurance Coverage Lawyer

Your insurance policy is, in fact, an insurance contract — an agreement written by attorneys for powerful major insurers. When your right to private disability benefits is called into question, and your Los Angeles or Orange County family become a pawn in the insurance company’s game, the dedicated California attorney who will fight for you is Robert F. Keehn.

As a former insurance defense lawyer with more than 25 years of experience, Robert F. Keehn expertly applies his knowledge of coverage and liability issues.

If you’re having trouble with a claim under a private medical, disability or life insurance policy, contact us.

He can review your policy, your claim and the details of your accident; determine whether your coverage problem reflects a legitimate difference of opinion as to the validity of your claim; and aggressively advocate for you, in and out of court, if he detects an improper attempt to deny you the benefits you’ve paid for.

Worry is no substitute for action. When you’ve been denied, we are on your side — the Law Office of Robert F. Keehn.

Twenty-Five-Plus Years of Experience, Reputation for Excellent Results

Robert F. Keehn is highly familiar with insurance company strategies and moves proactively to deal with them. He advises homeowners, employees, self-employed professionals and others about the best ways to resolve insurance disputes, including:

  • Life insurance benefits
  • Disability insurance claims
  • Health insurance claims
  • Insurance rescission or cancellation decisions
  • Liability coverage disputes on claims that should be covered under a homeowners or commercial policy for a small business or professional practice

Insurance companies are required to deal fairly with you. Did your claim receive prompt investigation? Reasonable interpretation of policy exclusions and conditions? Fair settlement at the documented value of a claim? A clear explanation of the reasons why your claim was denied?

If not, any violation of these requirements could trigger a claim of bad faith or unfair settlement practices.

If you feel that you have been a victim of insurance bad faith, and your private disability claim is being unfairly contested by an insurer, the Law Office of Robert F. Keehn can help. Our attorney’s 25-plus years of experience and insight gained as former insurance defense lawyer can work to your advantage, starting today.

Have Your Disability Benefits Been Denied? Robert F. Keehn Is On Your Side.

Contact our Los Angeles private disability lawyer at this toll-free phone number: 866-502-4729. You may also e-mail us and request an evening appointment. Your initial consultation is free.

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