Resolving Health Insurance Disputes

After many years of faithfully contributing to your health coverage for you and your family members, you are shocked and saddened to find out that your insurance company is using excuses for delaying or denying the benefits that you or a loved one is entitled to because of an accident or illness.

You don’t have to put up with this. If your insurance was employer-provided, a federal law called the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) gives you certain rights to contest benefit denials. If the policy was not employer-provided, you may have a cause of action for insurance bad faith under California law.

Skilled, Focused Representation

At the Law Office of Robert F. Keehn, we have the knowledge and experience to challenge health insurance benefit denials in both the ERISA and non-ERISA settings. Our founding attorney uses his 25-plus years of experience and record of excellent results to work hard for the justice you deserve. His knowledge of insurance law and the insurance industry is comprehensive, thanks to his years as an insurance defense lawyer. He knows the tactics used by insurers — and knows how to counter them.

A denial of a perfectly legitimate health insurance claim can be a shock — and especially devastating at a time of sudden illness or unexpected injury. You need the peace of mind that the financial support of your health insurance policy will be there when you need it. In this period of statewide and national economic uncertainty, numerous personal bankruptcies have been caused by mounting medical debt.

Are you involved in a dispute over health care or HMO coverage? If your claim for health insurance benefits has been unreasonably denied, our firm is prepared to take your side.

Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

It’s a sad fact of life, in Southern California and nationally: Health insurance companies and HMOs maximize profits by minimizing benefits owed to policyholders. In other words, they decrease the care you deserve in order to increase their own profits.

Because they give their financial bottom lines a much higher priority than your well-being, health insurance companies often act in bad faith against their clients. Robert F. Keehn uses his proven talents at research, mediation, negotiation and litigation to hold insurers accountable and uphold the rights of policyholders. He can appeal on your behalf to the California Department of Managed Care if necessary.

Here are just a few examples of the scenarios in which Robert F. Keehn’s experience and client commitment can benefit you:

  • An expensive medical procedure is pre-approved, only to have the insurer reverse its position and refuse to pay following completion of the surgery.
  • Payment for a treatment or procedure is withheld, after the fact, because it is allegedly “experimental,” despite disagreements from the medical community.
  • A disease is too rare, and treated by only a few specialists in the country.
  • A denial for out-of-network emergency care when a patient was in no condition to contact an insurer for pre-approval.

Was Your Insurance Employer-Provided or Private?

The legal process will be different depending on whether you purchased your insurance coverage directly from your insurance company or through your employer. But either way, Robert F. Keehn has the litigation skills and commitment to clients to challenge claim denials. He has seen it work successfully from a variety of perspectives. He knows how to help you get the benefits you are paying for.

We invite you to speak with our skilled Los Angeles health insurance attorney in a free initial consultation. Call the Law Office of Robert F. Keehn toll free at 866-502-4729 or complete our basic intake form.

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