Fighting For The Insurance Benefits You Deserve

The Right Outcome For Your Property Insurance Dispute

Has your Southern California home or business sustained significant damage from a storm, fire, earthquake or mudslide? Have you been denied the property insurance benefits you are entitled to?

The skilled, tenacious lawyer you should contact in Greater Los Angeles and throughout Southern California is attorney Robert F. Keehn. With more than 30 years of experience as a Los Angeles property insurance attorney, he knows what makes insurance companies tick. He anticipates an insurer’s strategy for avoiding responsibility for paying your benefits and holds insurance agents, brokers, and adjusters accountable for the advantage they try to gain over you.

Fighting Insurance Fraud For Over 30 Years

Robert F. Keehn has an impressive track record of success with assisting people involved in a wide range of disputes involving:

Insurance law is complex and you should never try to represent yourself. The slightest mistake could prove disastrous. You need someone who knows the many facets of insurance law inside and out.

When Denial Occurs, We Are On Your Side

Robert is an experienced property insurance lawyer who will aggressively protect your rights in disputes resulting from:

  • Insurance claim denials
  • Bad faith claim refusals
  • Under-insurance and inadequate insurance
  • Partial denials of payment
  • Unlawful or misleading language in insurance policies
  • Failure to disclose benefits
  • Delays in benefit payments
  • Insurance agents’ errors and omissions
  • Coverage gaps

Two of the most frequent reasons for denials of property and homeowners’ insurance claims are policy exclusions and disputes overvaluation.

  • Policy exclusions: Profit-minded insurers are also prone to deny homeowner policy claims based upon a broad interpretation of policy exclusions. Claims involving water, landslide, pipeline explosion, earthquake or fire damage result in an insurance company claiming the loss is excluded under the homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • Valuation disputes: Insurance companies are notorious for giving policyholders a low valuation of their property, and for underestimating the costs of repairs or replacement.

You should never sign a settlement agreement without first speaking with Robert. He can help you get an accurate appraisal of your property damage. Robert knows every strategy that insurers use to shortchange you — and fights hard against those ploys. For quality, experienced property insurance dispute representation, attention to detail and protection of your rights, schedule a free consultation at our law office.

Here To Serve You

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