Resolving Auto Insurance Disputes

After experiencing an auto accident or damage to your car, you expect your insurance company to meet its contractual obligations and cover property damage expenses. After all, that's why you purchased insurance in the first place.

But when your insurance company fails to meet your needs at a time when you need it most, you should seek prompt legal assistance.

Experienced Los Angeles auto insurance attorney Robert F. Keehn represents individuals involved in auto insurance disputes. With more than 25 years of experience, he understands the insurance industry and its tactics to undercut policyholders. Contact our law firm online to schedule a free consultation where you can learn about your legal options.

When Your Auto Insurance Benefits Have Been Denied, We are on Your Side

In an effort to protect its own financial interests, insurance companies will often undervalue or outright deny a legitimate car insurance claim. That leaves policyholders in a difficult position, not knowing whether to take action individually, with the help of an attorney, or to just walk away.

Attorney Robert F. Keehn has significant experience representing clients whose auto insurance claims have been denied. Understanding that insurance policies involve two parties in a contractual relationship, he holds insurance companies accountable to their obligations.

Attorney Robert F. Keehn welcomes the opportunity to serve you. For representation in Greater Los Angeles, Orange County and throughout Southern California, call locally at 424-777-3964 or toll free at 866-502-4729.